About the idea advocated by the 21 Century Independence Forum:

Human beings live and perform their activity foreseeing the future to come.
The future they aspire after will be bright and sure to come true because it is science-oriented.

The future society we are going to build is the society where global independence has been achieved and where the independence of human beings in particular can be realized.

. It will be the society where there is neither domination nor subjugation between man and man.

. It is a world where all the countries have attained independence, a world of peace where there is no war any longer since each country respect, trust and cooperate with others.

Human beings live and perform activity in the direction to maintaining their dignity and deserving to be praised to the utmost.

. It is their life style to respect all living things, to regard the independence of human beings as the most precious thing in the world in particular among them.

. The person with disability is the same human being as the person without disability; the former is the master of the society as the latter is.

. Women should not confine themselves to having the equal rights to men's but should also be guaranteed their motherhood and their ways of living as masters of the society.

It is the society where the people orient themselves to their lives and activity in praise of human beings and so, it is the society filled with trust in and respect for human beings. It is the very future that the 21 Century Independence Forum aspires after.


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